2 Weeks Post-op

So it's been 2 weeks now. Pain is minimal on the breasts and belly. However, on my flanks where the lipo was done hurts pretty good. Swelling has really started to set in and in the evenings is much worse. I had the belly running suture removed this week at Dr. Byrd's office. They said everything looks good and the swelling is normal and should be half gone at the 3 month mark. I have to keep reminding my self of this because seeing the tummy right after surgery and now, there is quite a bit of difference. I feel like it's sticking out again. I just keep telling myself, "it's just the swelling," and try to stay away from salty foods.

Bust = 40" was 41.5"
Chest = 36.5" was 37"
Waist = 34" was 36"
Belly button = 34.5" was 39.25" WOW-WEE!!!!
Hips = 40" was 39.5" (?, swelling maybe)

Overall I am very happy and would do it again in a heartbeat! I have already bought a few new shirts and am thrilled that I can try on anything that I think is cute and not what I think will hide my belly. This is totally going to change the way I dress. I feel young and I want to dress young and hip!

I'll post more post-op pictures in another week or so. We will see how the swelling is...going down I hope!


  1. You are young,hip and sexier than ever. I admire your courage in going forth with this improvement to your body. Not that I didn't love every inch of the old tummy!

    I enjoy these posts and it helps me to know how you are doing, after all it is major surgery.

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  3. It’s looking good! Well, a range of discomfort only last for a few weeks, really. Following the surgeon’s directions will attain the recovery on time or even faster. Truth is, tummy tuck is not just to remove excess abdominal skin, but it is also for strengthening of the abdominal muscles. Hope to get updates on your recovery!

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  4. What a great transformation! There’s no doubt that you’re rockin’ it now by wearing clothes you love. Recovering from a tummy tuck can be difficult. You need a lot of rest to avoid relapse and take the proper medication. After the recovery period, exercise and proper diet is advisable to maintain your good shape. ;-)

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  5. Great results. Good to know that you are healing really well. I guess you picked a good surgeon. And it is not that easy to choose, right? There are a lot of things to check. How much experience does the surgeon spend in that relevant field and the number of case he has done.

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  11. I am 2 weeks post op and am nervous because my tummy is looking bigger... Thank you for calming my fears. ..I have to be more patient and remember the swelling makes a huge difference!!

  12. My sister-in-law just barely had a tummy tuck the other day and she's a little discouraged with post-op so far. I'm so glad to see that yours is going so well! I'll have to show her this tonight and encourage her.

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