I had the surgery. The pre-op procedures went very well. The best and most organized I've ever seen 'em handled. I like to consider myself a surgery connoisseur with a now total of 11 and this being the first plastic surgery one in that 11.

Dr. Byrd came in before the surgery and did all of his marking and took careful time in doing so. His nurse, Lisa, all the while trying to keep a little dignity for me by keeping me partially covered. Anesthesia nurse comes in, gives me a little Valium, then we're off! They had the operating table already warmed up for me. Most the time you have to start shaking and going into convulsions before they will give you a warm blanket or a bear hugger.

The surgery went very well. They removed 7400 grams total (I think this is correct, I will call and make sure the total on Monday and post the correct amount) which is a little over 16 pounds. Sheesh!!! After surgery, I woke up well and when I started coming around, I never had that "oh! I am in so much pain, hurry with the pain meds, please!" feeling. The nurse said they gave me something really good before they woke me up. It really was nice also that after I came out of the anesthesia and started getting a little lucid, they ask if I wanted to see. Amazing!, heck ya, I wanna see! Wow! I've never seen the belly this flat! And the boobies are beautiful and the same size! Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

This is right after surgery (well at least I think...). My stomach insicion is a little longer than most because of my fold and he didn't want the skin to pucker. But it all totally is hidden beneath my bikini underwear!

More to come.....


  1. Yes, I see that genetic belly. Just like mine and just like my mother's. Now I'm wondering if I should get mine tucked. Even at 67 years old, wrinkled and gray I wish for it. lol!

    The after, is amazing, and enough for me at the same time. I'll see it when it heals a little more, ok? I know you will have many years to enjoy it and show it off.

  2. 7400 grams...wow, no wonder your belly looks great! No telling how many grams of fat I have floating around my belly. 2x as much I'll bet.

    Hope you are feeling better and getting your feet back under you.

  3. I'm glad that your surgery went well. 7400 grams? Whoa. That sure is tough to lug around. Hmmm... I wonder what the nurse gave you. =)

    -Terry Bayer

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  5. 16 pounds? That's a lot of fat! Well, you are very blessed to have a great doctor who knows how to execute the procedure perfectly and a nurse who is very helpful and comforting. I must say, you are doing good as of now because of that! :)


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  7. The result looks good. Can you post a picture how it looks now? Thanks and best of luck!

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